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Performance Quick-Check
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Performance Quick-Check
Want to know if your database-server already has or causes problems? With the following selection of performance-indicators of the "Windows Performance Monitors" (perfmon.exe) you could find out quickly; insert your current values here:
ObjectIndicatorCurr. ValueResult
MemoryAvailable MBytes
Physical DiskAvg. Disk Read Queue Length
Physical DiskAvg. Disk Write Queue Length
Physical DiskAvg. Sec/Read
Physical DiskAvg. Sec/Write
Physical Disk% Disk Time
Processor% Processor Time
Processor% Privileged Time
Process% Processor Time (SQL Server Instance)
ProcessPage Faults/sec (SQL Server Instance)
SystemProcessor Queue Length
SystemContext Switches/sec
Network InterfaceOutput Queue Length
SQL Server Access MethodsFull Scans/sec
SQL Server Access MethodsPage Splitts/sec
SQL Server Access MethodsTable Lock Escalations/sec
SQL Server Access MethodsWorktables created/sec
SQL Server Buffer ManagerBuffer Cache Hit Ratio
SQL Server Buffer ManagerFree Pages
SQL Server Buffer ManagerPage Life Expectancy
SQL Server Memory ManagerMemory Grants Pending
SQL Server LocksLock Waits/sec
SQL Server LocksLock Wait Time
SQL Server LocksNumber of Deadlocks/sec
SQL Server SQL StatisticsBatch Requests/sec
SQL Server SQL StatisticsRe-Compilations/sec