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For those challanges - national & international - I am available:
  • Performance Troubleshooting
    • Analysis of system-weaknesses ("bottlenecks")
    • Optimization of database-server performance (proprietary db and MS SQL Server™ db)
    • Optimization of index management with MS SQL Server™, incl. SIFT/VSIFT (Sum-Index-Flowfield-Technology) structures
    • Optimization of locking mechanisms, finding causes of "deadlocks" and erasing them
    • Installation of the "NAV/SQL Performance Toolbox" - gratis! - in workshop included!
  • Consulting and support when implementing Microsoft® Dynamics™ NAV during all project-phases
    • Design of system concept, process-definition and -optimization
    • Integration of external components, applications, etc.
  • Support of development/programming in NAV
    • Programming in C/SIDE™ & C/AL™
    • Design of interfaces
    • Quality-assurance and debugging of C/AL™ source code
  • Training/Coaching of administrators and developers/programmers - and especially Dynamics Partners!
  • And much more. ... please ask!
I do not offer my services only to NAV users; of course I'm also supporting MS Dynamics Partners with their NAV projects or in workshops and trainings!
Well, if you consult a doctor about your problem, you may not want him to publish you on his "Reference-List" ...

So far I have supported more than 1000 projects (and counting) so I dare to claim to be the most experienced NAV/SQL troubleshooter around!

P.S.: What some "competitor" claims as reference customer on his website is not necessarily a matter if fact. Many customers have already replaced their troubleshooter and also the (previoulsy expensively purchased) tuning-software ...
Let's start
FAQ: how do we proceed, to optimize a [NAV]SQL System?

Well, a first analysis could be accomplished via Remote-Session/AnyDesk where we basically could proceed like this:
  1. General assessment of SQL Server (we’ll need access to the SQL Server machine with 100% permissions); optionally NST
  2. Preparation of configuration-changes (if necessary); execution to be discussed
  3. Analysis of various SQL Caches – it is most important to NOT re-start the SQL service prior to the session, else valuable data would be lost!
  4. Implementation of fixes (to be discussed) based on 3.
  5. Installation „SSI Performance Toolbox
  6. Optionally: check on backup strategy, maintenance & misc.
  7. Preparation/Scheduling of several measurements (based on 5.); data to be analyzed after the session
Such an Initial-Session normally takes about 3 to 4 hours; then it all depends on the kind & amount of problems we would find ….
In most cases we would be able to implement a solid package of results right during this first session; giving visible improvements!

Here you could find the reocrding of a presentation I hold during NAV TechDays 2015 in Antwerp. It should give you an impression about the challenges we have to face in terms of "Tuning & Troubleshooting"; and how we could approach those issues: