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The SSI Performance Toolbox
During a performance optimization workshop, among others, a variety of useful utilities is installed - the "SSI Performance Toolbox" (formerly "NAV/SQL Performance Toolbox")!

The PTB is a collection of useful SQL Server stored procedures, jobs, alerts etc. and MS Excel frontend to optimize all performance-relevant aspects of the system.
Each single feature could be adjusted to fit the specific requirements!

Content and Functions:
  • Optimization of SQL Server Instance- and Database- Configuration
  • Deletion of dispensable records from SIFT tables
  • Analysis and Optimization of SIFT and VSIFT structures
  • Investigation and deletion of needless indexes
  • Removal of needless fields from non-clustered indexes
  • Re-organisation and defragmentation of indexes using optimal fillfactors
  • Design of indexes with optimized selectivity
  • Clean-up and creation of index-statistics
  • Analysis of locks and blocks on resource- and process-level
  • SQL query optimization and Query Hinting
  • and much more!
Here all features could be easily configured and executed, "ad hoc" or automatic - as required.
Basically the PTB is "generic", means independent from any application, but has some special features for Dynamics NAV.
The result is an improvement of read- and write performance of the NAV/SQL Server system between 50% and 100% (maybe more!)!
"The Toolbox is FREE OF CHARGE!"

Means there are no license fees or sth. -
it comes together with the Workshop or Training!
"It's not the tool which fixes a problem ... it's the fool using it!"
The PTB is exclusively distributed by STRYK System Improvement and authorized partners.
These competent MS Dynamics Partners grant the correct installation and configuration of the PTB and take care about the training of the local administrators.

The "Toolbox" itself has been installed more than 1000 times since first release in December 2006!

If you would like to become a "Toolbox Partner" please send me a notice!